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MSL High Speed JTAG

MSL JTAG description
MSL JTAG is a USB powered JTAG created specialy for work with CDMA, GSM, UMTC and IMT-MC-450 mobile phones based on Qualcomm chipsets. This is NOT CLONED HW interface! MSL JTAG hardware and software was created "from zero" and main purpose of this tool - repair and flash functions.

Supported CPU's and hardware:
Any phones based on ARM7, ARM9, Qualcomm MSM3000, MSM3100, MSM3300, MSM5000, MSM5100, MSM5105, MSM5500, MSM6000, MSM6025, MSM6050, MSM6100, MSM6125, MSM6245, MSM6246, MSM6250, MSM6260, MSM6275, MSM6280, MSM6290, MSM6300, MSM6500, MSM6550, MSM6571, MSM6800, MSM7200, MSM7201A, MSM7500, MSM7501A, QSC1100, QSC6010, QSC6020, QSC6030, QSC6055, QSC6065, QSC6075, QSC6085, QSC6270, QSD8250, QSD8650 chipsets, Intel PXA270, Marvell PXA300, PXA312, PXA320, Samsung Jupiter4E, Via Telecom CBP4.0, CBP4.1, CBP5.0, CBP5.1, CBP6.0 chipsets. If you have hardware with new or unsupported CPU - we can implement support for new CPU very fast (in days), but we need hardware samples (see F.A.Q.). PXA CPU's supported only with Hi-Speed interface.

Supported flash chips:
All known NOR flash chips, all NAND flash chips with small and large pages and OneNAND flash chips used in phones with Qualcomm chipsets. User can use custom flash chip geometry, algo and description with combination of CFI query. All main flash writing algo's supported (Intel, AMD, SST, Mitsibishi, Toshiba, Samsung etc.).

MSL JTAG main purposes:
  Repair "dead" phones with damaged boot block or flash content.
- Reading and writing "protected" NOR and NAND flashes.
- Debuging and creating "inits" for dead phones /wo boot (advanced users only).

MSL JTAG sotware features:
  Easy "One Button" flash or EFS area read/write/erase operations
- Custom device profiles with CPU, RAM, flash chips and other data
- Custom NAND and NOR flashes geometry and algo description
- CPU and core autodetection
- Multiple devices in chain support
- Flash programming of not initialized targets (without RAM and loader).
- Flash programming with flash loader
- User scripts with all internal commands
- ARM debuger

Q: What kind of support i can expect after purchase of MSL JTAG?
A: After purchasing of MSL JTAG SW you will have one year guaranteed free support at suppport site including following things:
- Access to support forum and download area.
- Creation of the new device profiles "on demand".
- Removal of all bugs in software.
- Addition of the new Qualcomm CPU's support
- Addition of the support for new flash types
- Finding "not labeled" jtag test points on PCB (need samples).
- Free migration to SW for next generation JTAG interface.

Q: What difference between MSLJ and other JTAG boxes?
A: JTAG interface it's just logic for communication between PC and target (your phone or another hardware) via TAP (Test Access Port) Controller. JTAG is usually used for Boundary Scan, embeded software debuging and flash programming. As rule in work with mobile phones you need only flash read/write/erase and some debug functions. Each Qualcomm CPU has the own various registers, flash controllers, signals, memory map etc. For example - you want to repair mobile phone based on MSM6500 with damaged boot block with write-protected NAND flash chip. Even if you have professional or cloned JTAG, even if you have original or free software for JTAG - you can repair your phone if you have JTAG test points for this phone, if you know how to initialize this model with these memory and flash, if you know CPU internal registers for write-protect removing, power signal init. In another words you should be the professional or each time to buy "solutions" or scripts for $$$. With MSL JTAG it can be made with 2 buttons pressing.

Videos :      

SXC 1080 MSM6025_Dead Boot Repair

Some Pinouts

Karbonn KC410
Karbonn KC450
Micromax C2i
Haier D1600
Haier D1200
Haier D1000
Haier T1100
Spectra 101
Sungil 1080
Sungil 1280
EC 1260 Reliance
EC 1261 Tata Photon
EC 160
E 1550 E 1552
Ec 168
EC 160
Ec 226 228
Blackberry 8830
Blackberry 7250
Huawei c2205
Lg 6600
lg vx8500
Lg 260
LST 255
Lsp 430
RD 10000
Motorola K1m
__________ V3m
___________w200, 150 series
Motorola q
Nokia 1006
Nokia 1255
Nokia 1315
All Walky , FWP
Zte c150
Zte 201 202 etc
zte702 701
Zte 401
zte wp820
Haier c121
samsung F679

all samsung models along with following new -

all haier models
all unicare models
all micromax models
all zte models
all huawei models
all Lg models
all audiovox
all viatelecom

coming more ........stay tuned

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- works on RJ45 Cable Only

- only 6 Jtag Pins required
- User friendly GUI/Interface
- for all brands LG, Samsung, Micromax, Huawei, Motorola, ZTE, Haier, ViaTelecom
   Pantech, KYocera , Audiovox , and many more
- Fastest jtag available in market covering Almost all CPUs inclusing QSC1100
- Jtag comes with all technical know how and tutorial "how to make new JTAG pinouts"

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